Benefits of Factoring your Freight Bills

If you own or manage a trucking fleet, you know the importance of cash flow and working capital. Trucking companies that lack cash flow are often unable to convert their freight bills into cash fast enough to:

  • Cover payroll checks
  • Pay for diesel
  • Purchase plates and permits
  • Pay for costly repairs

What if there was a service that you could purchase for just pennies on the dollar that could convert your freight bills to immediate cash flow within 24 hours?

Imagine spending your time creating new business, paying your bills on time and having extra cash for working capital. Could your business use an affordable service like this?

Many fleet owners would give up ownership rights in their business if only they could realize sufficient working capital to take advantage of fleet expansion opportunities, meet payroll, and fuel their tanks.

By factoring your receivables (Freight Bills), you can turn your accounts receivable into a credit line without having to mortgage all the company’s assets.

Initial funding can be as soon as 3 to 5 working days, requires no up front fees and no financial statements. It is that easy! Start factoring today!

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