Why should I post my loads or trucks on PickaTruckLoad.com?

Can you afford not to post for free? What good is it for you to post a load on a load board that has low visibility in search engines? Are you missing out opportunities with carriers that are not subscribing to the major load boards? Think of all the carriers and freight brokers that search everyday for a specific load or truck on the search engines and find no results.

PickaTruckLoad.com was designed with the latest technology used in website development. The live database of loads or trucks is available for search engines to spider with ease. Search engines like to provide their users with relevant results and their goal is to list the most prominent results in order for their users to have a satisfying experience.

Our goal is to help carriers find loads and freight brokers find trucks in an efficient and quick manner. Search engine users (Carriers looking for loads in this example) are more likely to find PickaTruckLoad.com helpful if they go to a search engine like Google and specifically search for Flatbed loads out of Chicago, il — (as of 9-16-2006) and find what they are looking for. PickaTruckload.com ranks position #1 and position #2 on this search term. To confirm the results with other search engines, MSN also has found PickaTruckLoad.com with relevant results and has also listed Flatbed loads out of Chicago, il — (as of 9-16-2006) with a #1 and #2 position.

This is just an example of what PickaTruckLoad.com provides. A unique, relevant information database to be used daily, search engines will display it for their users to see and freight brokers, shippers and carriers will find a matching partner for free. The system is designed to grow as more unique postings become available in the database, search engines will spider the loads accordingly.

There are carriers and freight brokers signing up for the first time everyday for free. PickaTruckLoad.com is an Internet-based load board service that provides a FREE, simple, online freight-matching service for carriers, direct shippers and freight brokers. Post your trucks today for free, you have all to gain and nothing to lose.

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