Frequently Asked Questions

1. How come I can't login, even after I have created my account?
A: Most commonly, this is because your browser's cookie settings are too strict. must be able to set cookies so that it can remember that you are logged in, otherwise it will just keep asking. To let set cookies, without changing any other settings you can do the following:

In Internet Explorer go to Tools -> Internet Options and select the privacy tab. Press the Sites button and type in the box then press the Allow button. Click OK, then OK again to exit.

In Firefox, go to Tools -> Options and select the Privacy button. Then select the Cookies tab. Press the Exceptions button, type in and press the Allow button. Click close, then OK to exit.

2. How can I stop the Email load notifications?
You need to log into your account and click on the upper left red tab that says "Load Board". On the left side menu, click on the "Load Notification" button, then click on the little "Box" that represents the filter once and it will highlight a "Check Mark". Click on the "Delete Selected" button to stop the email notification.

3. Will you sell my email or company information?
No, we consider your email and company information private and we are not in the "Collecting Information Business". We have made a large investment on for your business to benefit and we would not ruin our reputation over a sale of an email list or company information.

4. Is there a catch? How can afford to stay operational if it offers services for free? is completely sponsored by 1st Commercial Credit, a provider of freight factoring services and has allocated funds to maintain this site to advertise freight bill factoring services.

5. Why do I have to sign up for an account if you offer the service for free?
The system needs account information so that a number of site features can function, like the editing and removing of load and truck postings, sending load and truck notifications, and processing credit checks.

6. I am currently posting my loads to a major load board service provider. I would like to post my loads to with the same data eliminating double entry. Can you provide me with that service?
Yes, we have software applications customized to meet your needs or we can automate posting your loads to our site if your company has available loads on a spreadsheet such as Excel, a FTP text file, email format, or live on a web site.

7. Why should I post my loads or trucks on
The site was designed with the latest technology used in website development. The live database of loads or trucks is available for search engines to spider with ease. Search engines like to provide their users with relevant results and their goal is to list the most prominent results in order for their users to have a satisfying experience.
Our goal is to help carriers find loads and freight brokers find trucks in an efficient and quick manner. Search engine users (Carriers looking for loads in this example) are more likely to find helpful if they go to a search engine like Google and specifically search for Flatbed loads out of Chicago, il — and find what they are looking for. ranks position #1 and position #2 (as of 9-16-2006) on this search term. To confirm the results with other search engines, MSN also has found with relevant results and has also listed Flatbed loads out of Chicago, il — (as of 9-16-2006) with a #1 and #2 position.

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