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Pickup Origin City, ST   Destination City, ST Truck Type       F/P Miles  
12-11 Martinsville, VA Lancaster, SC F-SD Full 174
12-11 Martinsville, VA Chantilly, VA F-SD Full 270
12-11 Newport News, VA Pittsburgh, PA F-SD Full 409
12-11 Wakefield, VA Greenfield, MO V Full 1125
12-11 Norfolk, VA South Bend, IN V Full 794
12-14 Winchester, VA Riverside, CA R Full 2528
12-16 Winchester, VA Wintersville, OH V Full 194
12-12 Elkton, VA Glenwillow, OH R-V Full 360
12-11 Harrisonburg, VA Woodway, TX F Full 1303
12-12 Williamsburg, VA Harrisburg, PA R-V Full 266
12-12 Williamsburg, VA Rock Hill, SC R-V Full 340
12-10 Dublin, VA Toano, VA DD LTL 268
12-11 Troy, VA Camak, GA F-SD Full 485
12-16 Glade Spring, VA Boise, ID PO Full 2188
12-18 Chesapeake, VA Fulton, MO V Full 1028
12-12 Richmond, VA Mountain Top, PA V Full 316
12-12 Norfolk, VA Bayville, NJ V Full 269
12-12 Chester, VA Norfolk, VA R-V Full 94
12-11 Virginia Beach, VA Gatineau, QC DD-SD Full 707
12-14 Williamsburg, VA Greensboro, NC R-V Full 226
12-11 Newport News, VA Baltimore, MD F-SD Full 212
12-15 Glade Spring, VA Boise, ID PO Full 2188
12-11 Norfolk, VA Fishersville, VA F-SD Full 190
12-11 Atkins, VA Mississauga, ON PO Full 626
12-11 Glade Spring, VA Boise, ID PO Full 2188
12-12 Williamsburg, VA Charlotte, NC R-V Full 316
12-12 Williamsburg, VA Hatfield, PA V Full 310
12-12 Williamsburg, VA Hatfield, PA R-V Full 310
12-15 Lyndhurst, VA Dunn, NC R Full 244
12-15 Newport News, VA Bismarck, ND R Full 1693
12-11 Castlewood, VA Charlotte, NC F-SD Full 224
12-12 Winchester, VA Alachua, FL R-V Full 818
12-11 Bristol, VA Dahlgren, IL F Full 468
12-12 Williamsburg, VA Linwood, NC R-V Full 272
12-13 Chesapeake, VA Durham, NC V Full 188
12-11 Williamsburg, VA Miami, FL R-V Full 968
12-11 Williamsburg, VA Winston Salem, NC R-V Full 252
12-11 Williamsburg, VA Pleasantville, NJ R-V Full 318
12-11 Williamsburg, VA Pulaski, VA R-V Full 286
12-11 New Canton, VA Schenectady, NY F-SD Full 512
12-12 Lyndhurst, VA Wood-Ridge, NJ R Full 387
12-11 Harrisonburg, VA Jackson, TN PO Full 669
12-12 Chesapeake, VA Durham, NC V Full 188
12-11 Norfolk, VA Agawam, MA V Full 493
12-11 Pulaski, VA Tacoma, WA F Full 2676
12-11 Pulaski, VA Tacoma, WA F Full 2676
12-11 Charlottesville, VA Columbia, MD CRG Full 139
12-11 Norfolk, VA Fishersville, VA F-SD Full 190
12-11 Winchester, VA Milwaukee, WI F-SD Full 725
12-12 Newport News, VA Scott Township, PA F+T Full 415

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